Katy Pickles EP

Recorded at LMC Studios, Katy's debut release was alot of fun to work on and has lead to further collaborations. Katy is a great singer-songwriter from Lancaster who is now making a name for herself in London.

Ella Ronson & Charlie Galloway EP

Recorded at LMC Studios this debut release drew interest from BBC Introducing aswell as the BBC Young Folk Musician of The Year panel. Ella & Charlie share a natural musical rapport and it was a great experience working with them in the studio which has lead to further collaborations on Charlie's subsequent projects.

Thomas Ngai

Tom is a talented singer-songwriter whose songs display a vast range of influences, part acoustic song-writer, part electronic musican and very very catchy!



Fourth Time Lucky were, for a brief time, the premier skater-punk kids on the Lancaster and Morecambe scene whose catchy upbeat tunes, energetic performances and fun-time attitude made them like a cross between The Monkees and Iggy and The Stooges. They have all gone their seperate ways now, and are each making waves on the local scene in their own right. Their debut WP was recorded in the summer of 2013 and is a good example of what can be achieved by a musically tight band on a tight budget when the plan is clear.

David Kay

Based in the village of Cartmel David is a really strong singer-songwriter as well as an excellent guitarist. He wears his influences proudly and wears them well, Bob Dylan, Jake Bugg, Arctic Monkeys - I have been very lucky to work with some very talented solo artists recently and David is a great example of the type of professionally minded, easy going yet hard working young musician which makes my job a dream - dedicated, singular and focused, he is destined to go a long way. The EP is available from here.

Molly Wilkinson

A young singer-songwriter and artist of exceptional promise from Kirkby Lonsdale. Songs of love, loss and the zombie apocolypse. I first met Molly through the art work she created for the 4TL EP and despite her protestations that she doesn't want to be a musician I think she is actually pretty good at it! The album 'Empty Eyes' was recorded in the summer of 2014 and released in October 2014.